Creating Value Across Markets
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Our philosophy is a result of the conviction,

… that exceptional and transformational situations and their professional management by integrating expertise and temporarily outsourced specialist services is the key to success in traditional as well as in highly innovative industries.

… that the most important foundation for healthy, lasting financing is high, sustainable and operative cash flow,

… that changes in markets and technologies benefit those companies that are prepared and can make ideal use of the opportunities and potential.

We concentrate on companies who want to change, who have successful products and fundamentally competitive business models whose potential for growth is hindered by structural and financial restrictions.

In order to realise potential we combine our entrepreneurial approach with the integration of modern financing methods and qualified financing partners in order to generate the maximum capital growth for our clients in the medium term.


  • By recognising the opportunities and problems in exceptional and transformational situations and transforming them into forward-thinking competitive business models using the expertise and ability of the team
  • By recognising changes early on and delivering the basis for strategic decision making concerning future-securing measures through informed knowledge and sensitive observation of reference markets and their mechanisms
  • Through the application of modern, qualified and proven financial instruments and procedures
  • By implementing by a team of experts with many years of management experience and minds for business for the implementation