Creating Value Across Markets
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Service Profile

  • We apply our activities to the interaction between essential areas of the company in order to attain future competitiveness and:
    – Optimise the existing business models
    – Optimise the financial structure of the company
    – Optimise incorporation into the international market environment
  • We act at the interface of strategy consulting, corporate finance and task management: the entrepreneurial approach as the implementing force, coupled with investors to create smart capital.
  • Our long-standing experience as advisors, entrepreneurs, C-level managers, private equity and venture capital managers as well as our long-term relationships with investment houses and banks have led to a strong understanding of the different corporate worlds, financial institutions and investors; thus facilitating quick and intelligent solutions. Hence, we provide you with fast and solution-oriented answers to questions like those listed below!

    Does the company have a sufficiently competitive business model, can it handle rapid market changes or disruptive developments?
    Can sufficient and stable cash flow be generated to maximize stability?
    Can it strengthen and even optimize market positioning?
    Is the innovation rate sufficient for the requirements of the future? How can this be increased in time and without unnecessary risks?
    Does the business model include unavoidable digital transformations? How can it even benefit from those?
    Are sufficient human, financial and organizational resources available? How can they be built, optimized, and qualified?
    Where are optimization potentials – how can they be realized?
    What are the risks and weaknesses of the existing financing structure?
    Are matching maturities for investment financing and working capital known?
    How can additional flexible equity be built up?
    How can future challenges and risks be mitigated as far as possible?
    Do alternative sources of finance offer synergies to the business model?
    Can crowdfunding and crowdsourcing increase additional business potential?
    What are the optimal and achievable sources of finance for the (optimized) business model?
    What investors fit the company, culture and philosophy and support the business model and objectives?
    Are individual investors or a larger crowd beneficial? How can a crowd be optimally controlled?
    What kind of funding and instruments are the most suitable for the company, whether short-term, long-term or project-specific?
    How can they be procured quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively?
    From the employer’s point of view the following questions sometimes – often only once during the succession phase – arise.

    How do I prepare my company for a possible succession outside the family?
    Who is the ideal buyer of my company?
    How to make the company attractive as quick as possible?
    What deal and price structure is best for me?
    What preparations are to be made in detail, what is the process?
    How long does such a process take and when is the best time to start?
    How to arrive at an ideal conclusion and what conditions need to be taken into account?

    What offers the best investment opportunities? How can they be best analysed and put to use?