Creating Value Across Markets
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We see ourselves as a reliable partner for financing and capitalisation of companies who are undergoing a challenging economic phase.

We are living through times of significant change and this makes the question concerning ideal future-oriented financing more important than ever. Those with stable financing during volatile times enjoy significant competitive advantages.

In their early stages companies must adapt quickly and flexibly to the developments of their business. Different successes and problems necessitate different, modifiable financing instruments. The first priorities here are flexible equity and investor models, flexible working capital resources to fit the market and financing-related resource sharing.
The noticeable market changes and the ever-increasing impact of the incipient digital transformation are putting all business models under pressure. In terms of financing, low interest rates and FinTech’s banks have also put investors under pressure. But it is precisely these changes that open up new opportunities to finance companies, to attract investors as well as customers directly to small but also traditional companies. Crowdfunding is becoming increasingly established and the willingness of private investors to invest directly in companies is increasing as well. For companies, this form of financing also has the unique advantage of simultaneously running marketing campaigns and, ideally, to securing customer loyalty.

Recently, the Alternative Financing Act has hedged crowdfunding. However, there are of course risks to be taken seriously as well. Not only due to the different possibilities of financing, but also because the instrument is still novel and insufficiently stable in our markets, therefore there is ultimately the risk of a total loss of the investment. Thus, success lies in a prudent analysis of the company and its environment and needs, the funds required, the type of capital and the repayment dates. It is only on this basis that successful financing campaigns can be prepared and carried out which generate maximum marketing effects in addition to capital procurement.

The expansion of business volume and capturing new markets is risky. In these phases focused venture-capital financing and networks produce decisive value. When sufficient cash flow is generated, financing with debts can offer a good synergistic addition.
Innovation is fundamental to a successful company development strategy and its successful implementation in the business model is decisive for the long term success of the company. That is the reason why financing for research and development and the implementation of innovation is fundamental. A well designed structure utilizing all available financing possibilities and their implementation in the project is, therefore, essential.
The creation of added values such as the synergy effect and market share through company acquisition or merger requires a well-conceived financing strategy in order to envision the risk and opportunity profile prior to the process. Ideal financing of company acquisition consists in a combination of appropriate equity and outside capital possibilities.

Selling a company means positioning committed, partially variable and future assets with potential buyers in the best possible way. Success in this relies on well-conceived preparation, professionally structured communication, a well-conceived strategy and specialised implementation.

In this phase, which is enormously important for companies, it is not merely about passing on assets and capital but about passing on the owner’s cultural and ideological values. Statistics show a higher level of risk during the change from one generation to the next. Only a small percentage of companies reach the fourth generation. Early planning and structuring eases the process and buys sufficient time to find and integrate the ideal “successor” whether internally or externally, so that the company culture can be put to optimal use. Professional implementation ensures the best possible retention of assets.
Mastering these challenging situations during a company’s development determine whether a company succeeds or fails, even long-standing, successful companies. The financing of liquidity, operational business and company’s new orientation are the most important tasks in a crisis situation. This requires special knowledge, creativity and the power to put things into practice.

Our mission is to increase the competitiveness of mid-sized pan-European companies using forward-thinking, sustainable business models and intelligent investments.